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Life and housing

Student in ?lesund

Bilde - ?lesund

?lesund city seen from above

Student life

Studying in ?lesund will provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore a region of Norway that is famous for its beautiful scenery with high mountains and blue fjords. ?lesund itself, with its Art Nouveau architecture, is by many considered to be the most beautiful city in Norway. With its 2500 students, the student community in ?lesund is tight-knit and welcoming. 

Practical information - ?lesund

Practical information

After you have received admission to NTNU, you will be provided with detailed information regarding visas, housing and so on. However, we have also provided you with practical information that it might be useful to consider at the time of applying; such as living expenses, part-time work, visas and student welfare services.



Kart - trondheim, ?lesund, gj?vik

Map: Trondheim - Gj?vik - ?lesund